The getting started page contains easy steps to setup and test PunchOut connect, it contains 2 tabs, the first one contains our quick start step by step guide, and the second one contains a Video guide that showcases the onboarding process:

Quick Start Page:

  1. Enable Theme Support for Session Detector:
    Depending on your current theme app embed blocks support you will be presented with the option to either activate our theme extension or to install the Punchout Connect Session detector through the script tag legacy api.

  2. Test with the Simulator:
    Once your store has the Session Detector installed you can use our Simulator to test for a complete PunchOut roundtrip including an order request. See Using the simulator for more information.

  3. Deliver credentials to customer:
    Once you have completed a round of tests with the simulator you will need to work with your customer to deliver Punchout Credentials to their team so they can plug into their procurement system. Head to the credentials section to retrieve and send them.

  4. Read the Docs:
    Check out our User Guide for any doubts you encounter or reach to support in case you require additional assistance.

Video Guide Page:

  • Contains a screencast that shows the complete onboarding process including testing and procurement system integration: