The individual order page allows you to see the complete details and history of a PunchOut order.

A Punchout Order is created normally after a user in the connected procurement system approves a transferred cart, this creates an OrderRequest CXML document which is pushed into our gateway, it then creates a Confirmed Order and pushes its contents into Shopify.

Summary Tab:

This tab contains all the details of a specific order, its customer information, the items count, shipping, tax and full totals.

Confirmed Order Tab:

This page shows the contents of the incoming order from a customer procurement system, its replicated exactly. into a Shopify Order.

Actions Tab:

Allows you to download versions of the order as well as re-push the order in case something failed during regular delivery.

Notes Tab:

Allows you to type any kind of text and save it for reference into this order:

History Tab:

Shows the complete history of the order, it may also show any error during transfer.

Requests Tab:

Allows you to take a dive inside the full CXML lifecycle, you can click on View for each Request which will bring a popup with complete geek details: