The simulator allows to test your store PunchOut capabilities by doing a complete PunchOut-OrderRequest roundtrip, it will start a session, allow you to transfer cart items back into a simulated procurement system and will automatically approve and push this cart to convert it into a real Shopify order.

First make sure our Session Detector has been installed on your store theme, if not click here to learn how to enable.

Then to access the simulator click on the left menu item titled "Simulator", you will be presented with the following page:

Click on the "Start Punchout" button to start a Punchout Session.

You will be presented with our special iframe detection page, this page allows a PunchOut user coming from a Procurement System to open in a new window a Shopify Punchout Connect enabled store, this is because Shopify does not allow to be embed into an iframe in order to avoid possible security issues including "clickjacking".

Please note that all customers that use an iframe enabled PunchOut system will see the same page.

Click on the button titled "Click here to start session in a new window"

This will open your Shopify store in a new window:

Now you can proceed to add products to your cart:

Once you have added products to your cart you can go to your cart page which will contain 2 new buttons: "Go to Checkout or Cancel"

Click on "Go to Checkout" to transfer your cart contents to our Punchout Gateway:

In our Checkout page you can select a Shipping method and once that is selected, you may click on the button titled "Transfer Order", then our gateway will transfer the cart and create automatically a PunchOut Order which is pushed immediately into Shopify:

After it you will be directed to our main app landing page where you can head to the "Orders" or "Session" tab to review you new PunchOut session and Order which should be at the top of the listing in the bottom.

Congratulation you have now completed a full roundtrip test.

If any errors are encountered during process please reach out to our team we will be glad to help!