Congratulation on the installation of Punchout Connect into your Shopify Store.

Your store should now be ready to connect with hundreds of procurement systems based on the CXML Punchout Protocol.

Quick Start Guide:

Please use our "Getting Started" link located on the homepage of the app to access our easy to follow step by step guide to setup and test PunchOut Connect:

Click here to learn more about the Getting Started Page.

General Introduction:

Since Punchout is a B2B integration between your catalog and your customer procurement system you will have to work with their team to provide credentials so they can plug into their procurement system. You will find those credentials in the "Credentials" tab of Punchout Connect:

Inside the Credentials section you will find all the configuration required in order to connect your Store to any CXML Procurement System, you can copy and paste them or use the "Send" Tab to type an email address where to send the Credentials.

Once your customer has plugged into their procurement system normally a round of tests will occur, you can monitor those tests manually or ask for help to our team in order to jump through any particular hoops required for an integration.

Punchout Simulator

In order for you to fully test our PunchOut solution we have developed a Simulator that allows to test the complete PunchOut roundtrip.

To use the simulator click on the "Simulator" item on the left menu of Punchout Connect:

In this page you can click on the "Start Punchout" button to start a Punchout Session: Internally a CXML PunchoutSetupRequest document will be sent and its response will be processed then our gateway will redirect you to this store.

Since you are currently inside the Shopify Admin iframe the gateway will display our special iframe detection page, which allows the acting user to open in a new window a Shopify Punchout enabled store. This is a security measure implemented by Shopify in order to avoid "clickjacking".

Please note that all customers that use an iframe enabled punchout system will see the same page effectively simulating this interaction with our gateway:

Click on the button titled "Click here to start session in a new window", this will open your Shopify store in a new window:

Now you can proceed to add products to your cart:

Once you have added products to your cart you can go to your cart page which will contain 2 new buttons: "Go to Checkout or Cancel"

Click on "Go to Checkout" to transfer your cart contents to our Punchout Gateway:

In our Checkout page you can select a Shipping method and once selected, you must click on the button titled "Transfer Order"

Our gateway will transfer the cart and create automatically a PunchOut order back which is pushed immediately to Shopify:

After it you will be directed to our main app landing page where you can head to the "Orders" or "Session" tab to review you new PunchOut session and order, or you can go straight into the order since it will show on top of the list at the bottom of the Home page.

Congratulation you have now completed a full test PunchOut roundtrip.

If any errors are encountered during process please reach out to our team we will be glad to help!