App Installation:

Search for "Punchout Connect" on the Shopify App Store, and click on Install.

The app installation process will begin, the first step is to authorize the app for it to be loaded into the Shopify Store, please review the app permissions and click on Install App:

App Permissions

In order for Punchout Connect V1 to work it requires the following permissions:

  • write orders: Used for creating a Punchout Order after we receive a PunchoutOrderRequest from the integrated procurement system.

  • write_script_tags: Used for installing a single javascript file into the store frontend which takes care of showing the "Go to Checkout" button and of transferring the cart information into our gateway in case your theme does not support app embed blocks.

  • write_draft_orders: Used for creating a draft order during checkout to be able to calculate shipping and taxes, its also used if "Calculate Shipping and Taxes on incoming order" is selected.

  • read_products: To be able to access product variants when creating a draft order and during order and invoice creation.

  • read_themes: Used to detect if current theme supports app embed blocks.

  • write_customers: Used to create customers when a PunchOut order is pushed into Shopify.

Approve Subscription:

After permissions have been accepted you will be redirected to the approve subscription screen, review the recurrent subscription charge and click on "Approve", you will have a 14 day trial version in order to fully test Punchout Connect:

Once you hit approve your app installation process will be completed and you will be redirected to the main app page.

Congratulations you have now installed Punchout Connect and your store is ready to connect with hundreds of procurement systems.